Book Cover. Sign Post. Revenue or Relationships? Win Both.

Revenue or Relationships? Win Both outlines how automation has enabled businesses to return to what they were always about: relationships and people. We sometimes forget that the key ingredient to business success is strong relationships with customers and employees. How a customer experiences your business forms the basis of a relationship with him or her. This is why customer experience is becoming such a hot topic today.

After reading this book, you can learn how to shift your mindset to develop not just better customer experiences, but better customer relationships, in your business.

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The Author: Mary Brodie

Mary Brodie

Mary Brodie is an experience strategist who has been helping companies create memorable customer experiences for more than 20 years. Throughout her career and while at her company, Gearmark, she led teams in enterprises and startups that contributed to the bottom line. She worked on apps, websites, content strategy, and lead gen programs. Mary attended MIT and graduated from Simmons University (BA and MA) and IE University in Madrid (executive master’s in corporate communication). She lives in Dallas, Texas.

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What are people saying about the book?

“I found Revenue or Relationships truly extraordinary. People have lost trust in sales and marketing, and the voice of the customer could not be any more sacred. In world where customer experience is paramount, Mary Brodie provides invaluable guidance and insights from real experiences.”  

Amir Zonozi, President, Zoomph A modern platform for cutting-edge audience analytics.

If relationships are the key to business success, then understanding how emotional engagement with a customer contributes to building a relationship is vital to building your busineesss. This is why I consider emotional engagement to be the magic ingredient when building customer relationships.  

This FREEE Master Class will show you how you can add emotional emgagement into any customer experience so customers feel that they are included in your company.